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Medical innovations evolved into breakthrough businesses.
Forward-thinking ideas demand a forward-thinking company.

The Innovation Factory acquires novel medical technology ideas from individual inventors, corporations and universities, develops ideas comprehensively from proof of concept to FDA approval into marketable products, and then launches businesses around those products. We manage the complex path to market for early-stage medical device companies.

With our deeply experienced management team and top-tier funding partners, we have assembled the intellectual, scientific, operational and financial resources needed to take a great idea from paper to production. Our nimble approach to both product and business development allows us to vet ideas properly and efficiently, maximizing predictability and speeding time-to-market while reducing risk for everyone involved.

The Innovation Factory welcomes medical-related ideas and referrals from a variety of sources, and we promise confidentiality and timely response to all inquiries. For more information, please select the appropriate perspective: Inventor, University or Corporation.


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