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Ideas and Evaluation
The Innovation Factory is the ideal solution for therapeutic medical technology ideas that are in early-stage development ĘC lacking management experience or representing too much risk -- to attract traditional venture capital investment. We provide what these ideas lack: the hands-on management expertise, development experience and dedicated venture capital partners needed to move forward.

When we locate a truly promising medical device technology idea, we acquire or license it from the individual or organization, then perform a thorough strategic review, including intellectual property and market research. We submit a business plan to our venture capital consortium for funding. If funding is approved, we execute our business plan, staying focused on the milestones that will generate higher valuations and greater probability of success.

Our Series A objectives seek to address safety, efficacy and, if possible, first use in humans.

Product and Business Development
The Innovation Factory's greatest value to our participants and partners is in our early concept development and testing. We quickly determine whether an idea is viable and whether an investment around that idea will generate a return. This benefits all parties, as we know in a timely manner whether to move forward with a concept or move on from it.

The development stage is where the expertise of The Innovation Factory's seasoned management and staff transforms ideas into true innovations. Our experienced engineering staff solves early development problems. Our clinical and regulatory personnel conduct the early testing and due diligence that permit an idea to continue in development. Our legal and financial team ensure a focus on clinical and engineering milestones. And, our executive group provides a strategic vision and a "been there, done that" efficiency to problem solving.

New Businesses
The Innovation Factory's ultimate goal is to launch medical device start-up businesses with their own unique operations, marketing and quality systems. We wait until a start-up is sufficiently far along in its development before hiring permanent management and staff. This allows us to more accurately fit people who have the appropriate skill levels and experience to the venture's evolving needs. Our extensive network of relationships with the most renowned experts in the medical healthcare industry increases the probability of an offspring company's success.

We provide the companies we found with further product development, plus assistance with new product invention, quality systems, business formation, financing, staffing and more. Every aspect of successfully bringing the technology to market is made available.

The Innovation Factory's Clear Advantages
Our approach is unique in start-up ventures:

  • Predictability. Correct planning and thorough execution keeps our projects moving in the direction that we anticipate and eliminates surprises. 
  • Diversified opportunities. Our pursuit of a number of concurrent projects, coupled with hands-on management, lowers risk, spreads costs and reduces time-to-market.
  • Lean operation. Our efficient use of capital and close watch on operating expenses makes launching medical solutions affordable.
  • Stable funding. Our financing partners have already allocated capital, so the "hassle factor" of acquiring financing is reduced.

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